Airis OnePad 970 Tablet

During the presentation of the new Airis we had the opportunity to try awhile Airis OnePad 970, one of the versions of the tablet developed by the company últio. Airis has risen on the tablet bandwagon with Android with this model of mid-range, we know the Web of Airis, sold at a price of 350 euros.
The truth is that the price us seems a high hair for what the OnePad has to offer, especially taking into account that for little more than 100 euros on these 350 we can already access to the flower of cream of tablets.

Airis OnePad 970 Tablet

Airis OnePad 970 Tablet
Airis OnePad 970 has a curious screen size. Instead of the usual 7 or 10.1 inches, the device is the same as the iPad, 9.7. The resolution is also the same 1024 × 768 pixels.
The resemblance ends there, the OnePad panel is not an IPS and it shows in the angle of viewing, rather loose. The model we tested had support capacitive, but airis has a basic version of the OnePad with a support.
The cover of the OnePad consists of a single piece of matte black plastic with a finish similar to the rubber. The tablet measures 246 × 291 × 12.5 mm and weighs between 600 and 750 grams depending on model. We miss something more affection in the integration of the components, which seems a bit hasty in details such as the boards of the screen. It gives the feeling of that easily can be removed with ciarta. Moreover, the ports met in one side and include MiniHDMI, MicroUSB and a slot for MicroSD. There is no 3 G version.
Airis OnePad 970 equips a processor ARM Cortex A8 V7 mononúcleo to 1.2GHz with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB for storage. Interestingly, Android 4.0 is not broken and the feeling is fluid, although something tells us that, with this hardware, the OnePad will not withstand very good trot and installing applications. The company ensures that the built-in battery hold up to 7 hours of use.
Airis OnePad 970 has vocation of tablet cheap, but its price is not. The Archos 70b Tablet Internet, without going further, performs equivalent, with 4 GB of RAM for storage space and a 7-inch screen which is not so far from the 9.7. Your operating system is not Ice Cream Sandwich but Honeycomb, but its price is 199 euros. So expensive is the Android 4.0 license, Lords of Airis?.

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