GoClever TAB A73 Tablet

First impressions of Tablet GoClever TAB 73 dzieliłem in you yesterday on the issue of komputerswiat. Today, the time for a summary and conclusions. The damage that I had only 24 hours to play with this device. I would like to have more time, but in this case, the pace is important. Perhaps zdążycie yet to visit Biedronkę before all the tablets GoClevera disappear from the discount rates gablotek (if not yet disappeared!).

What conditions offers Biedronka for GoClever TAB 73? The price of the device in the dyskoncie is $ 369. The price of the “market” in the network begins with 399 $ + shipping cost. In effect, we at least $ 50. One eighth is in my opinion a lot.

GoClever TAB A73 Tablet

GoClever TAB A73 Tablet
1. the ratio of price/performance: in this case, the low price is the main asset of GoClevera. TAB. 73 based on single processor 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 (layout of the Socialist Allwinner A10). There is here any miracles on a skewer in the utwierdził me the result of the test on the Linpack. 15-16 MFLOPS is a little when it comes to performance floating point. On the other hand, enjoys a good result with the benchmarku Quadrant. Tablet stretched 1583 points and was by the ranked better assessed than Samsung Nexus S (2-generation Googlephone will appear). I have doubts as to whether or not this is a slightly podkoloryzowane. However, it should be stressed that the layout of ARM Mali-400 features really przyzwoitymi performances. Even if GoClever is not a daemon, it solves the processing of graphics. Most games that pobrałem Google Play połykał for breakfast. Including the latest Angry Birds Space. As far as the system is Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread works miodnie far pilnujemy that the background does not run too many applications at once.
2. support for memory cards and USB media: GoClever only has 4 GB of flash memory. From what we have access to the fishing. In effect, sooner or later (rather sooner) sięgniemy after card microSD to something in this matter do. I tested the tablet with microSD Kingston with a capacity of 8 GB. Podłączałem a stick 4 GB drive external 640 GB WD Elements. In the box you will find a microUSB to USB, which allows you to play with this type of accessories. Both drives work seamlessly. Tablet factory has an installed application, File Manager, which is a simple file manager. However, it is noted that serve only to drive external with its own source of power!

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