Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab 11.6 Release Date

Write down your calendar for tomorrow, because Samsung could be very big news day. Indeed, it was announced that starting tomorrow, Saturday, March 10 will begin, the distribution of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Galaxy S2 , but more importantly could get a new Galaxy Tab to launch a decisive counter-offensive against Apple’s renewed iPad.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab 11.6
Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab 11.6

This new product should be the Galaxy Tab 11.6, a tablet that brag a display with a resolution even higher than that dell’iPad, even if the density of pixels would be slightly lower. There is talk of a screen with a diagonal, as the name suggests, from well 11.6 inches and its resolution would arrive at 2560 × 1600 pixels, 2048 × 1536 against Apple. The density of pixels, however, would be slightly lower, with the iPad at 264 dpi and 260 new creature in Korean. Obviously, however, these data are not yet official (what difference will really be between 260 and 264 dpi?), Then have to wait until tomorrow to be really sure.

Meanwhile, as mentioned in the introduction, will also upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich for the SamsungGalaxy S2 . A move that undoubtedly points to put spokes in the wheels to Apple’s Cupertino regarding the next iPhone (5 or iPhone New iPhone?). Sure, the Apple phone is still far from being announced (for the most optimistic in June, October for the realists) and the real opponent is the Samsung Galaxy S3, but also have another device on certain levels will not only benefit the home Korean, considering the proven quality of this series of smartphones.

UPDATE: Samsung has denied that March 10 would actually get the update to Ice Cream Sandwich. In many, however, are still not convinced that we will still have to wait long.

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