Sony S Tablet Release Date

Sony S Tablet , Sony is the first tablet running Android. At the same time is also the first ever device company, which soon will acquire the section Ericsson and its a decent portfolio of products.

The package does not reserve any particular surprise, though it is sufficiently elegant. We would have liked very least a case, given the particular shape of this tablet.

Sony S Tablet
Sony S Tablet

Though the design factor remains always a personal matter, we can not hold back from saying that there are literally in love with this Tablet S, at least for its aesthetic appeal. The curved shape means that the tablet is a product ergonomically comfortable and at the same time very elegant. The black display goes to create a crease on the rear of which ends on the back. This part is rough and very pleasant to the touch.

The unbalanced weight makes holding (held vertically) the paso is doing everything on my arm so hard not to support him. No problem for lefties, since the automatic orientation of the display.

The tablet is in the middle of its segment with regard to Honeycomb tablets. Talk about a dual core processor Tegra 2 1GHz, 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory. Very good speakers, but pity for the lack of an HDMI output. We put too much pressure with the nVidia Tegra 2 compatible games with no slowdown.

Excellent sensitivity of the touch screen and very good quality of the display: absolutely the best ever seen in the newsroom for a tablet Honeycomb for both color fidelity and for the brightness.

Sony wanted to customize a heavier competitors Honeycomb interface, with a very “curious”: the interface has become much more fluid than its competitors, especially those with Honeycomb “smooth”. No delay in everyday use and very good are the Sony, such as shortcut keys next to the field of research and new applications of drawers: stylish, fast and customizable.

Additional applications are all very good surprise: the remote control application to manage your TV and any other device with a remote control, application for social networks, new keyboard with numeric keypad and support for PlayStation games. These are just some of the software that Sony has added to the tablet.

The vote for the software is not strongly influenced by the experience of other exciting Honeycomb tablet.
Software: Multimedia

Video player with support for MP3 and music application magazine.
Software: Browsers

With room for improvement, but definitely one of the best ever seen on an Android tablet.

Very good, has enabled us to reach the two days with average use.

€ 483 for the 16Gb version of WiFi there seemed a great price, especially compared to the competition and considering all the benefits of this tablet.

We have no problem in saying that this is the best Tablet S Honeycomb tablet available. The only reason not to buy it would wait for a confirmation for a possible upgrade to Android 4.0 and if its design “curious”.

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